Standings ICPC South African Regional

South Africa 2018

The 20th South African ICPC regional will take place on 20 October 2018.


The reference rules are available on the ICPC's contest web site. All team members must bring valid student identification and coaches must be prepared to vouch for the team members' student status. The following are region-specific localisations of the rules:

  1. We will take a baccalaureate degree to be a four-year Honours degree. As such, the Honours year does not count as post-graduate study (a graduate degree, in American terminology), but rather as part of your bachelor's degree (undergraduate).
  2. Teams must be populated from a single university and must have a coach who is a faculty member or is appointed by the faculty member to act on the faculty member's behalf.
  3. The contest will last five(5) hours (not counting additional activities, which will be mandatory to qualify).
  4. There will be at least six(6) problems to be solved.
  5. Multiple teams may be entered by any given university. In the event that a location is oversubscribed (full), universities may be asked to prioritise their teams.
  6. Languages to be used will be C, C++, Java and Python (2 and 3).
  7. All contestants will be programming in a Unix (Linux) environment. This is to keep in line with the software used at the world finals.

Software Versions of Markers
The markers have been loaded with:
OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 (LTS)
Languages: C/C++ gcc v7.3.0, Java: OpenJDK v10.0.2, Python 2.7.15rc1 and 3.6.6

Rules and Manuals
The 2018 contest rules and Abacus manual are available.

Programming language manuals are available here.


Time (*) Event
8:30 Registration commences
9:00 Registered teams move to the competition area
Contest rules, Abacus manual and testing of logins
9:15 Mock Contest begins
9:45 Mock Contest ends
10:00 2018 South African regional begins
15:00 2018 South African regional ends
15:30 Announcement of results
(*) All times will be given in UTC+2.


The problem set for the 2018 South African regional contest will be posted when the contest is officially under way. Hard copies of the problem set can then be printed.

Mock Contest Problems 2018
Mock contest problems for 2018 are here.
Contest Problems 2018
2018 contest problems are availabe here.


The final standings for the 2018 contest will be published after a full audit of the results has been completed.
Standings for the duration of the contest (except the last hour) can be found here.
Final standings are available here.