Defined in header <filesystem>
enum class file_type {

    none = /* unspecified */,
    not_found = /* unspecified */,
    regular = /* unspecified */,
    directory = /* unspecified */,
    symlink = /* unspecified */,
    block = /* unspecified */,
    character = /* unspecified */,
    fifo = /* unspecified */,
    socket = /* unspecified */,
    unknown = /* unspecified */,
    /* implementation-defined */

(since C++17)

Indicates a type of a file or directory a path refers to.


Constant Meaning
none indicates that the file status has not been evaluated yet, or an error occurred when evaluating it
not_found indicates that the file was not found (this is not considered an error)
regular a regular file
directory a directory
symlink a symbolic link
block a block special file
character a character special file
fifo a FIFO (also known as pipe) file
socket a socket file
implementation-defined an additional implementation-defined constant for each additional file type supported by the implementation
unknown the file exists but its type could not be determined

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